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Panama has many Fishing World Records?

Go fishing, catch your own Amber Jack, Dorado, Snapper or whatever you catch and we prepare it for you the same evening. It's an experience never forgotton.

Just go swimming or snorkeling around the island and experience a great varity of tropical fish, mantas and turtles.

The island contadora counts with 13 white sandbeaches and crystal blue and turquise water.

There are only a view small hotels and and very exclusive privat homes on the island, perfect for a very quiet and restful stay.

An ideal getaway from the noise of the city and cold weather.

Contadora island offers dive shops, souvenir shops, hospital, police station, 3 small supermarkets, 2 restaurants, 2 hotels, 3 bed and breakfast and …

Gerald´s, of course ;-)

Brief history

September 1513, a guy named Vasco nuñez de Balboa found out, after talking with the natives of this place during his journey, there was a new ocean and a lot of islands stuffed by pearls. He decided to organize an expedition. reaching the new ocean, sliding from the Darien Del Chucunaque Cordilleras, the 29th of september of 1513, in a place named today " Bahia de San Miguel", called "Mar del Sur".

The 10th of august 1515, Pedrarias Davila, at this time governor of " Santa Maria del Darien" sent an expedition drived by Gaspar de Morales y Francisco Pizarro that, proudly, once back to home, told they have killed all the natives, after have stolen all their treasures...

During 1518, facing the lack of natives, they decide to repeople the place with negro slaves brought there to fish and dive for pearls, and also to cultivate the soil, putting the mess in the traditions and habist of the place. The revolt of the black slaves, leaded by Felipillo and the " Cimarrones " make the islands of the gulf the right and secured shelter for them.

The XVII century was muy busy, because of the Peru conquest, and the gold business and other treasures attracted pirates' interest in the gulf, because of Panama, right on the way back to Spain, way troughout were crossing all the treasures stolen from Peru and shiped.

All kind of pirates was active in the archipelago, from England, Portugual, and France were harassing the spanish fletes, and by the way they were a pretty good preys for pirates, when the hurricans and weather problems obliged them to have a secured place, shelted between the islands. People say that the name of CONTADORA come from the place where these pirates were counting their plunders ( To count...Contar in spanish...).

Pictures of the latest Survivor show in Contadora