The Pearls Archipelago is composed of 90 islands and more or less 130 islets or keys, among them Del Rey Island, San Jose Island, Pedro Gonzales, Pacheca, Saboga, Chapera, Viveros and Contadora which are most renowned, because of their drinkable water, very intense wild life, with a typical rain forest flora and fauna, islands born from volcanic erruptions, covered by valuable and special trees for the wood business. A great paradise for the nature's lovers is the San Pedro Island, south of Del Rey Island, as sanctuary of animal life, as well as the Pacheca and Pachequilla Islands as shelter for sea birds.

The sea life, with an abundant flora and fauna is a permanent attraction for both nationals and visitors, with clear water beaches, turquoise water, and gentle waves. It's the right place for events, fish contest tournaments and fish catching records.

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