Privacy policy

Pursuant to Article 19 No. 4 of the Constitution of the Republic and the relevant rules of Law No. 19,628 on the protection of privacy and its subsequent amendments, the processing of personal data carried out in from Camaron Contadora S.A., is governed by the following rules:

• Camaron Contadora S.A. ensures confidentiality of personal data of users who register as such on the website or by form (s) place (s) for this purpose. Without prejudice to their legal powers,

Camaron Contadora S.A. only perform processing of personal data on those who have been provided voluntarily by users in the said form. • The Users’ personal data will be used to fulfill the purposes stated in the relevant form and always in competition and

Camaron Contadora S.A. powers.

• The Users’ personal data will be subject to the following treatments:

Google Adsense, as declared to the Registry Database

Data maintained by the Civil Registry and Identification.

• Camaron Contadora S.A. may communicate to other state agencies, personal information of its users, as established for that purpose in Law 19,628.

• Camaron Contadora S.A., if required in court for that purpose, shall communicate personal data of users, as requested.

• Camaron Contadora S.A. may disclose to third statistical information obtained from the personal data of users, without the express consent of the owner, where such data is not possible to identify individually the owners, according to law

• The User may at any time exercise the rights granted by Law No. 19,628 and its subsequent amendments. Specifically, you can:

a. Request information on databases that is responsible

agencies, the legal basis for its existence, its purpose, data types

stored and description of the universe of people who understand;

b. Request information on data relating to his person, his origin and

recipient, the purpose of storage and identification of persons or

bodies to which data are transmitted regularly;

c. Request change in her personal data if they are not correct or not

are updated, where appropriate;

d. Request removal or deletion of data delivered whenever they want, while ineligible;

e. Request, in accordance with the provisions of Law 19,628, copy of registration altered in pertinent part, where the case and,

f. Object to their personal data being used for statistical purposes

• To exercise their rights the User may go to “Contact Us” clearly indicating its order.

• For the collection and processing of data through mechanisms

automated in order to generate records of visitor activity and hearing records, Camaron Contadora S.A. may only use this information for reporting that meet the objectives. In no case may involve operations involving such information to a user identified or identifiable.

• For purposes of this “Privacy Policy” means User to the person who voluntarily register on the forms specially established for this purpose. Meanwhile, Visitor is a person who accesses the information freely available without registration previously.

Disclaimer Note: Some texts or images have been taken from reference internet websites about the island. If you feel that someone affects your copyright, please don´t doubt to contact us, and we will take inmediately action to solve it. Thanks.

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